>> Kitsumkalum Nomination Meeting: January 12, 2017

>> Kitsumkalum Election: February 23, 2017

Treaty Information

These are key guiding principles we work to utilize in our community communication efforts - to facilitate
in empowering our members to
make an informed decision and to
do this - your involvement is

Kalum Rock Quarry & Logistics Park

With a solid history of large quality rock yields, the Kalum quarry has
been estimated as having an
additional capacity of
22,000,000 m3, enough volume to supply a continuous demand for quality rock product, over the long term.

Marine Use Plan

Through marine planning we will assert our authority to manage our territories as we have for
generations, and will ensure the continued stewardship of our resources for generations to come.


‘Na Aksa Gyilak’yoo Learning Centre

Kitsumkalum Band Council supports all learners in a variety of communities and from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Our school is accessible to all students with equitable opportunities for a successful experience.